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Curriculum Vitae


                                                       Curriculum Vitae


                 Adam Matthew Wohlwend

                              563-505-1494, adamwohlwendart@gmail.com  





2016, MFA Sculpture, University of New Mexico

2011, BFA Sculpture, University of Iowa

2006, AA Liberal Arts, Kirkwood Community College


 Teaching Experience


2014-2016, TA, Shop Foundations, UNM (Instructor of Record)

2014, Spring, Summer, TA, 126 Art Practices II, UNM (Instructor of Record)

2013, Fall GA at UNM, 125 Art Practices I, under Ligia Bouton., UNM


 Related Experience


2008-2011, Shop Monitor- Foundry, University of Iowa

2008-2011, Shop Monitor- Wood-shop University of Iowa




2015, Aha Festival for Progressive Arts Grant.

2014-15 Lucile Lattanner Reid Brock Art Endowment Scholarship

2014, D-Flux, Research Residency, Detroit, MI

2012, PS1 Summer Residency, Iowa City, IA

2009, University of Iowa F.W. Miller Scholarship.




2016, Gallery Exhibit Viewing Apparatuses (Solo), UNM CFA Downtown Studio.

2016, City of ABQ, Creative 505, Civic Plaza, NM.

2015, The Paseo, Taos, NM.

2015 Aha, festival for Progressive arts. Santa Fe, NM, Rail yard.

2015 Art of the Machine. Santa Fe, NM.

2015 Wheels Museum ABQ (Group Exhibit)

2015 WAWAD, Detroit/ Hamtramck, MI (Group Performance)

2015 All Over The Map: The Ongoing Dialogue of Public Art, ABQ Museum

(Group Exhibit)

2014, You are the Doorway/ One Beat, Rail Yard, Albuquerque, NM, (Group Show)

2014, Halt/ Catch Fire, Arts Lab, Albuquerque, NM (Group Show)

2013, At First Sight, AC2 Gallery, Albuquerque, NM (Group Show)

2012, Cognitive Environment, PS1 Gallery, Summer Residency, Iowa City, IA

2011, Agnostic, Market-Dubuque Space, Iowa City, IA

2010, University of Iowa Ark Gallery, Iowa City, IA, (Group Show)

2010, Manifestations in 3 Dimensions, Chait Galleries, Iowa City, IA (Group Show)

2008, Picador Rocks Art, Picador, Iowa City, IA, (Group Show)


Collaborative Projects


2015-Present, C(a)OW, Contemporary art on Wheels art gallery, Adam Wohlwend and David D’Agostino

2015, All over the Map; The Ongoing Dialogue of Public Art, Ellen Babacock and Lara Goldman

2015, Wire Car Workers Association Detroit, ABQ Delegates, hosted by Chido Johnson

2008-2009, Looking Glass Fragments Art Collaboration




2009, Private Art Commission (Phil Samson), 4’x4’ Acrylic wall mural at TBS, Williams St. Studio, Atlanta, GA




2016, Art Viewing Apparatuses, University of New Mexico

2016, Meeting of The Minds: Processes in Viewing Art. UNM Art Museum

2013, At First Sight, UNM, ACsquared gallery, ABQ, NM





2016, Mobile Event Viewing Apparatus #3, by Adam Wohlwend. Bataan Memorial Building, 407 Galisteo, Santa Fe, NM. Paid for by New Mexico 1% for the arts.

2014, UFO Hotrod Pedal Car, Albuquerque NM, Wheels Museum.


Artist Residencies


2014, D-Flux, Research Residency, Hamtramck/ Detroit, MI

2012, PS1 Summer Residency,  Iowa City, IA


Technical Abilities


2014-2016, TA, Shop Foundations (Instructor of Record), UNM

(Extensive knowledge of safety procedures, tools and machinery found in both metal and woodshops)

2008-11, Shop Monitor, University of Iowa SAAH Metal Foundry

2008-11, Shop monitor, University of Iowa SAAH Wood Shop


Curatorial Projects


2015-Present, C(a)OW, Contemporary Art on Wheels Art Gallery. Architect, builder, co curator and owner.



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